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Why are the biomarkers so important?

What is the definition of biomarker:

A biomarker is a measurable substance within the body, such as a protein or hormone. When this substance changes in concentration, it may be a sign of an illness or potential health problem. A biomarker can indicate normal physiology, identify risk of developing disease or other conditions, measure therapeutic effect and assist in early detection of disease.

Test results for a biomarker may be used to help diagnose many conditions, including cancers and diseases of the heart, kidneys and other organs.

Why are the biomarkers used?

Information in our blood

A biological molecule found in virtually every tissue of the body. It is important for life itself, for it carries out many essential functions such as providing structure and support for cells and tissues, transporting substances within the body via the blood stream, acting as a carrier of oxygen from the lungs to other parts of the body (hemoglobin), and synthesizing DNA.

That is why blood test is often used to evaluate a patient's condition. Examples include measuring blood sugar levels or the amount of antibodies in your blood. It can also be used to detect pregnancy, anemia, and other conditions.

Laboratory Tests

What does the biomarker mean to clinical endpoints?

Clinical practice is goal-oriented. The goal of the clinical practice is to improve morbidity and mortality by improving patient outcomes, not changing quantifiable characteristics of patients' innate biochemistry. Patient's are seeking for the treatment, but not looking for the numbers which indicates how high or low the value is. Nevertheless, presenting a numerical value for the patient's disease gives an opportunity to understand the severity of the patient's condition and take appropriate measures.

Advantage of using biomarkers

  1. It is possible to present objective figures for the survival rate of patients.

  2. By identifying the symptoms of the patient's condition, it is possible to determine whether to continue with the medication and treatment being taken.

  3. Accuracy can be presented in terms of drug development, and in some cases, analysis results can be generated according to the lethality of a drug under development.

Even now, research to search for new biomarkers for diseases continues, and research results on the usefulness of biomarkers are being published.

Current biomarkers are being used as test replacements and analytical aids for the medical goal of prolonging patients' lives. Through continuous reevaluation of the technology for diagnosis using biomarkers, it is expected that someday, technology to easily diagnose and treat the patient's condition using biomarkers in daily life will appear in large numbers.

[FREND System]

Rapid quantitative immunoassay analyzers

FREND is a quantitative immunoassay analyzing instrument that utilizes disposable cartridge to provide in vitro diagnostics results.



FREND System


Electrical Rating-Voltage

100 - 240 V

100 - 240 V

Electrical Rating-Current

1.7 A

1.7 A

Electrical Rating-Frequency

50 / 60 Hz

50 / 60 Hz


DC 12 V

DC 12 V


3.33 A

5.0 A

Dimensions (WxLxH)

240 x 260 x 175 mm

195 x 230 x 210 mm


3 Kg

4 Kg

Yes Easy-to-use | Yes Rapid (3 minutes) | Yes Small sample volume

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