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What you should know about POCT (Point of Care Testing)

Updated: Nov 30, 2022

Definition of POCT (Point of Care Testing):

Definition of POCT:

POCT(Point of Care Testing) refers to a test, in general, which is performed at the patient's location rather than in a separate laboratory or a laboratory for immunology and clinical chemistry testing. POCT is currently in the spotlight as it has the great advantage of being able to derive results within minutes on site, unlike the existing laboratory test methods, and being free from location restrictions. With the advancement of technology, convergence technology has improved with the bio-inspection technology which used to be large or expensive. The technologies have downsized to a cartridge scale to overcome the limitations of diagnosis, treatment, monitoring and analysis.

The researcher tests on the collected patients samples for diagnosis

What is the features of POCT?

In order to proceed with the introduction of the next-generation convergence diagnostic system, POCT must have the technology to realize precision medicine that can provide personalized medicine based on the existing patient diagnosis information and experimental data analysis. POCT is being developed so that it can be used easily without being affected by proficiency depending on the user while maintaining accuracy. If it is difficult to follow the disposable cartridge method, POCT is included to automate the maintenance and cleaning of the device to provide convenience to the user.

The goal of POCT

The ultimate goal of POCT is to develop a diagnostic device which can completely replace large-scale equipment for clinical trials and complex analysis techniques in laboratories to screen for physiological activity at the cellular level, clinical trials, and screening of new drug candidates customized for patients.

[FREND System]

Rapid quantitative immunoassay analyzer

FREND is a quantitative immunoassay analyzing instrument that utilizes disposable cartridge to provide in vitro diagnostics results.



FREND System


Electrical Rating-Voltage

100 - 240 V

100 - 240 V

Electrical Rating-Current

1.7 A

1.7 A

Electrical Rating-Frequency

50 / 60 Hz

50 / 60 Hz


DC 12 V

DC 12 V


3.33 A

5.0 A

Dimensions (WxLxH)

240 x 260 x 175 mm

195 x 230 x 210 mm


3 Kg

4 kg

Yes Easy-to-use | Yes Rapid (3 minutes) | Yes Small sample volume


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