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The introduction of The FREND™ System

Updated: Apr 20, 2023

find the video version of The FREND™ System here:

FREND™ System, The fast quantitative immunoassay analyzer.

The FREND™ System is a small, fast and near-patient in vitro diagnostic for a quantitative measurement of biomarkers in patient samples.

Accurate and fully automated FREND™ System offers fast results. With a simple 3 step operation and a wide range of disease markers, the system supports quick decision-making.

[Test items]

ㆍUrology: PSA Plus, Testosterone

ㆍThyroid hormone: TSH, Free T4, Total T3, Thyroid Duo

ㆍEmergency: Cardiac Triple, Troponin I, BNP, D-Dimer, PCT, hsCRP

ㆍRespiratory: COVID-19 Duo, COVID-19 total Ab, COVID-19 SP, COVID-19 nAb, COVID-19 Ag, FLU A&B

ㆍOthers: Vitamin D

The FREND™ System is so easy to use, you can get the result in 3 minutes, and the test result is reliable.

You only need simple 3 steps to get the result.

The AP System, a gully automated pretreatment instrument, is also very easy to use.

With The FREND™ System, you can save sample, money, and time.

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