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Learn more about the application fields of POCT

Updated: Nov 30, 2022

Why is the use of POCT getting wider and wider?

Let's examine the social importance of POCT

As described above, POCT refers to a test that can perform real-time tests and obtain results at the site of the patient or in a nearby laboratory. The reality is that early diagnosis, prevention, and convenience of diagnosis are being emphasized due to a change in the medical paradigm as the aging population accelerates along with the recent outbreak of new diseases or infectious diseases.

As a result, the in vitro diagnostic industry market is growing rapidly. As the accuracy and precision are greatly improved, the idea that it can replace the existing expensive equipment is spreading in the market. Thanks to its high accuracy and sensitivity, it contributes to reducing the fatigue of the subjects and improving the satisfaction of the patients due to the relatively low test cost.

In which countries and areas are POCTs used?

POCT in global

The areas where the use of POCT is spotlighted are being used in various parts, from the Asia-Pacific region, which is vulnerable to infectious diseases, to the United States and Europe, where they are exposed to various adult diseases and heart disease. In particular, in the case of advanced countries, along with the reduction of diagnosis and treatment costs, the technology is attracting attention as it has the effect of reducing medical costs by establishing a system that allows patients to directly consult with their doctors to manage chronic diseases. .

POCT is being used in various fields because its capabilities are recognized in portability and accuracy. One example is its use as an environmental monitoring or food safety analysis instrument. In particular, as technology for data connection, management, and encryption is added, POCT, which is basically equipped with nanotechnology, has further developed its electrical and chemical functions and is being used the most in the medical field.

Biomarkers that are the basis for diagnosis

A man looking at the patient's chart for the diagnosis
A man looking at the patient's chart for the diagnosis

As the need for personalized medicine is increasing, the technology of POCT at the molecular and immunological stage has been subdivided to help diagnose patients and medical staff. Examples of materials to be diagnosed include biomarkers such as body metabolites, hormones, proteins, nucleic acids, and antibodies, and based on these, diagnostic devices such as diagnostic kits, biosensors, and individualized bio-diagnosis systems can be made.

Classification of detectable diseases

How useful is POCT's measurement technology? Let's check this through the list below.

1. Urine analysis

Using urine to measure hemoglobin, protein, and pH in urine, as well as monitoring kidney function and body flow based on sugar and creatine.

2. Hematology

By examining the abnormal level of blood cells, it is possible to confirm the precursor symptoms such as leukemia, immune disorder, and anemia.

3. Pregnancy and fertility

Through urine and blood tests, it is possible to measure a woman's pregnancy and ovulation period.

4. Tumor

Numerical diagnosis of colorectal cancer as well as diseases such as HBV can be grasped, and it is used as an auxiliary diagnostic tool for ultrasound, PET/CT, or endoscopy.

5. Infection

It is used to test for carriers of infectious diseases such as influenza, malaria, and RSV using the antigen-antibody reaction.

6. Cholesterol

It can also be used for patient monitoring when blood lipid concentration tests are performed by checking blood cholesterol and fat accumulation levels. The risk of hyperlipidemia can be diagnosed early and treatment can be performed.

7. Coagulation

By examining the function of platelets in the blood, it is possible to determine whether the patient has hemostatic ability and related diseases.

8. Drugs of abuse testing (DAT)

Prohibited drugs such as alcohol and narcotics can be detected, and the presence of drugs in the body is checked through the antigen-antibody binding reaction.

9. Cardiac marker

Changes in biomarkers for cardiovascular diseases such as creatinine kinase MB (CK-MB), myoglobin (Myo), troponin I (TnI), and D-dimer can be checked, and signs of heart attack can be identified and prevented at an early stage.

In addition to this, it has the advantage of facilitating follow-up management as it is possible to numerically grasp the state of the patient after surgery or the state of the patient in the recovery stage during treatment.

[FREND System]

Rapid quantitative immunoassay analyzers

FREND is a quantitative immunoassay analyzing instrument that utilizes disposable cartridge to provide in vitro diagnostics results.



FREND System


Electrical Rating-Voltage

100 - 240 V

100 - 240 V

Electrical Rating-Current

1.7 A

1.7 A

Electrical Rating-Frequency

50 / 60 Hz

50 / 60 Hz


DC 12 V

DC 12 V


3.33 A

5.0 A

Dimensions (WxLxH)

240 x 260 x 175 mm

195 x 230 x 210 mm


3 Kg

4 Kg

Yes Easy-to-use | Yes Rapid (3 minutes) | Yes Small sample volume


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