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FREND™ System Tutorial Video

Updated: Apr 20, 2023

Ffind the video version of The FREND™ System here:

Welcome to the FREND tutorial video. In this video, the basic procedure will be demonstrated.

Using the the FREND™ System, the following test items can be performed.

For each test, the following materials are required.

First, connect the power cord and turn on the FREND™ System.

Take out the code chip and insert it into the slot

Then, select 'SETUP' and 'Code Chip' button for complete installation.

Press 'Item' button to check the code chip information.

Take out one cartridge you want to test with.

Pipette 35 microliter of the sample.

Load the sample onto the cartridge.

Make sure the sample flows all the way through the channel for an accurate test result.

Select 'TEST' and enter the patient's ID.

Then, inset the cartridge into the slot facing up.

The test result will be displayed in about 3 minutes.

If you have a mobile printer, select 'Print' button to print out the result.

FREND™ System, The fast quantitative immunoassay analyzer.

The FREND™ System is a small, fast and near-patient in vitro diagnostic for a quantitative measurement of biomarkers in patient samples.

Accurate and fully automated FREND™ System offers fast results.

With a simple 3 step operation and a wide range of disease markers, the system supports quick decision-making.

[Test items]

ㆍUrology: PSA Plus, Testosterone ㆍThyroid hormone: TSH, Free T4, Total T3, Thyroid Duo ㆍEmergency: Cardiac Triple, Troponin I, BNP, D-Dimer, PCT, hsCRP

ㆍRespiratory: COVID-19 Duo, COVID-19 total Ab, COVID-19 SP, COVID-19 nAb, COVID-19 Ag, FLU A&B

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