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FREND™ System AP Tutorial Video

Check the video on the related link:

How to use FREND™ AP System

FREND™ AP System is the abbreviation of Automated pretreatment system which is capable of treating the specialized items, such as, Vitamin D, Testosterone, Free T4 and etc.

In order to perform the test, the following materials are required.

First, connect the power cord and turn on the FREND™ System.

Take out the code chip and insert it into the slot

Then, select 'SETUP' and 'Code Chip' button for complete installation.

Press 'Item' button to check the code chip information.

Take out one cartridge you want to test with.

The simplified version of testing with AP system is described.

Add 70 uL of the sample to the pretreatment tue by pipetting 35 uL twice (or 70 uL once with the provided pipette from NanoEntek).

Caution: Do not invert the pretreatment tube before inserting to the AP system.

Some items may require the additional dilution step.

Item: Vitamin D

Add 35 uL of the sample to the dilution tube.

Invert the dilution tube.

Add 70 uL of the diluted sample to the pretreatment tube by pipetting 35 uL twice.

Insert the cartridge into the AP system and press 'Next' button.

After incubation, insert the sample loaded cartridge into the FREND™ System, facing up.

The test result will be displayed in about 3 minutes (maximum).

If you have a mobile printer, select 'Print' button to print out the result.

More information for FREND™ System

FREND™ System is microfluidic immunofluorescence analyzer which is a quantitative immunoassay analyzing instrument that utilizes disposable cartridge to provide in vitro diagnostic results.

The key features and benefits of the instrument are:

- Accurate & compact/Easy-to-use

- Rapid and quantitative immunoassay

- Small sample volume analysis

- Innovative microchip and microfluidic technologies

- Flexible platform for multiple tests

PSA Plus, TSH, Free T4, Testosterone and Vitamin D cleared from FDA 510(k). FREND™ System provides a variety of other inspection items, which can be tested for a total of more than 20 different types including BNP, Troponin I, Cardiac Triple, PCT, Total T3, and Thyroid Duo.

For product demonstrations and inquiries regarding product details, please contact NanoEntek. You will receive detailed guidance from our sales team and specialized academic team.

[FREND System]

Rapid quantitative immunoassay analyzer

FREND is a quantitative immunoassay analyzing instrument that utilizes disposable cartridge to provide in vitro diagnostics results.

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