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Facts: How much do you know about immunization?

To celebrate World Immuzation Week (24th to 30th), NanoEntek have checked some facts that you should know.

There are some unrecognized facts about immunization among people who may not aware of. Let's check what the misled information that we need to double check on.

Fact 1. Does the vaccine cause autism?

The answer is no. Based on the study performed by CDC on 2013, they found that autism did not have a relation with the vaccination. Despite the misinformation spread through media, there is not scientific evidence to support the claim that the vaccination is directly related with the expression of autism spectrum disorder(ASD). Furthermore, the study on 2013 showed that total amount of antigen from vaccines was same level in the group of children with ASD as the group of children with no ASD.

Get immunized and protect your surroundings

Fact 2. Immunization is mandatory for kids, but not for adults?

The answer is no. Many people think of immunization as something that is only important for children, but adults need vaccines too as children. The vaccinated group can not only achieve the herd immunization but also stop spreading antigen, such as flu, pneumonia, and shingles, to the kids. It is highly encouraged to be vaccinatived to achieve the immunized society

Vaccination is important

Fact 3. Immunization is a global effort

Yes. Immunization is one of the global goals to achieve among organizations to ensure the people around the world have access to vaccines. The World Health Organization (WHO), UNICEF, and the Global Alliance for vaccines and Immunization are just a few of the organizations involved in this effot. More groups are participating global immunization to protect people all around the world regardless the level of incomes or circumstances. You could be part of the global efforts if you get the immunization more actively.


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