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Ch.2-1 Manual cell counting

Updated: Jun 2, 2023

Having trouble choosing between manual and automated cell counter? Your option may vary depending on your cell type and environment you are working in.

This post includes:

-What manual counter is

-How to calculate after manually counting cells?

-General procedure of automated cell counter

-Manual and automated cell counter comparison

Manual counting is the classic method

Manual cell counting requires few materials - cell sample, hemocytometer (with applicable grid pattern), trypan blue staining solution, pipette and microscope.

Based on which hemocytometer you use, sample type and volume may vary. If you need a quick review on hemocytometer, click this page.

Manual cell counting calculation:

For calculation, see below:

1. Sum up the total number of viable cells in corner squares = N

2. Obtain dilution factor = D

(volume of suspended cells + volume of staining solution) / volume of suspended cells

3. Calculate the density of viable cells

N / (number of squares counted x volume of a square) x D


[(N x 10^4) / number of squares counted] x D

4. Calculate viability %

Viability % = (viable cells / total number of cells) x 100

where, viable cells = (number of viable cells / number of corner squares counted) x D x 10,000

and, (number of non-viable cells / number of corner squares counted) x D x 10,000


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