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Building a healthier community, one effort at a time

*The article is written in the perspective of a diagnostic company.

Diagnostic companies contribute significantly to promoting a healthier community and improving the quality of human life in several ways. As nations have gone through the pandemic era, interest in the concept of public health and the community has risen significantly. Most countries have lowered their restrictions and are welcoming travelers to visit. However, how do we go back to normal after the biggest impact that overwhelmed not only individuals but whole countries? What efforts have we made to return to our ordinary lives?

The Key to a Healthier Community

During the pandemic era, there was a significant increase in the need for diagnostic tests to determine infection status. Extensive diagnosis and testing were essential to provide effective therapeutics and quarantine procedures. In addition to the efforts of governments and companies, volunteering for self-testing has made a significant contribution to stopping the spread of the virus.

Simultaneous screening procedures were made possible due to three major improvements that were made in diagnostic companies:

  1. Early detection and prevention technology with high accuracy: Diagnostic companies have developed innovative technologies that allow for early detection with a single blood sample or a small amount of mucus. This allows health professionals to provide prompt treatment to prevent complications.

  2. Enforcing the supply chain to deliver the best product: The quality of the test material is key to eliminating false negative or positive results. By ensuring and expanding the supply chain, diagnostic companies have enabled the mass delivery of quality products to health professionals and customers to check infectious status.

  3. Developing cutting-edge biomarker detection systems providing multifaceted analysis: Making a clinical decision based on a single result may not always provide a convincing reason. Diagnostic companies provide various options to health professionals to make clear medical decisions for patients with optimal treatment.

As we have faced the end of the pandemic era, people may wonder what other contributions diagnostic companies could make. The health of human beings is continuously checked using diagnostic systems that derive valuable medical information from secretions and blood samples through diagnostic technologies.

How Diagnostic Companies Can Save Lives

In terms of primary care, hospital patients can simply check their hormonal status by providing an ample of the blood sample. The target biomarkers in the plasma will react with a certain given circumstance in the diagnostic system to provide the concentration level. Routine check-ups can be done in the same manner.

There are still unknown biomarkers in the human body that can detect the early stage of disease. Using a diagnostic system not only means monitoring the status of the patient, but also indicates an increased survival rate of the patient by detecting the disease at the initiation step. By doing so, patients can save their health and money.

Companies could make their products more accessible and affordable by improving technology. They could downsize the size of the product while maintaining accuracy. Testing procedures could be simplified to better understand users. The price of the diagnostic system could be lowered for low-income communities or areas with limited healthcare resources.

In addition to community health, diagnostic companies can hold sessions to raise awareness and provide a better understanding of health management for vulnerable people who need assistance in self-health maintenance. Public health initiatives can be carried out through health campaigns, screening programs, webinars, or social media advertisements to increase awareness of specific health conditions.

If a company has powerful resources for developing data analysis or algorithms, they can provide skills or tools to leverage data analysis and algorithms to identify patterns in health data trends in the community, helping to inform public health policies and interventions. The collected and refined data can be used to develop new biomarkers.


Overall, diagnostic companies can make various efforts to promote a healthier community by collaborating with healthcare providers or the public health system. When diagnostic companies make their efforts towards a healthier future for communities, they can develop new technologies or patient-centric diagnostic systems.


[FREND System]

Rapid quantitative immunoassay analyzer

FREND is a quantitative immunoassay analyzing instrument that utilizes disposable cartridge to provide in vitro diagnostics results.

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